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ebook - Python - How to Program
« Online: 05 de Abril , 2006, 07:35:26 pm »
The authoritative DEITEL LIVE-CODE introduction to Python programming This new book by the world's leading programming language textbook authors carefully explains how to use Python as a general-purpose programming language and how to program multi-tier, client/server, database-intensive, Internet- and Web-based applications. Dr. Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel are the founders of Deitel and Associates, Inc., the internationally-recognized corporate-training and content-creation organization specializing in Python, Visual Basic ; .NET, C#, Visual C++ ; .NET, Java , C++, C, XML, Perl, Internet, Web, wireless and object technologies. The Deitels are the authors of several worldwide #1 programming-language textbooks, including Java How to Program, 4/e, C++ How to Program, 3/e and Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, 2/e. In Python How to Program, the Deitels and their colleagues, Jonathan Liperi and Ben Wiedermann, discuss topics you need to build complete Web-based applications, including: HTML/XHTML /CSS Python Server Pages/CGI Networking/Sockets GUI/Tkinter/Python Mega Widgets PyOpenGL/Multimedia/Accessibility Databases/DB-API/SQL File Processing/Serialization Modules/Classes/Class Attributes Class Customization/Method Overriding Control Structures/Functions/Inheritance String Manipulation/Regular Expressions Lists/Tuples/Dictionaries/Data Structures Process Management/Multithreading Interprocess Communication Exceptions/XML Processing Security/Restricted Execution Python How to Program includes extensive pedagogic features: Hundreds of LIVE-CODE programs with screen captures that show exact outputs World Wide Web and Internet resources to encourage further research Hundreds of tips, recommended practices and cautions all marked with icons Python How to Program is the centerpiece of a complete family of resources for teaching and learning Python, including Web sites (, and with the book's source-code examples (which are also on the enclosed CD) and other information for faculty, students and professionals; an optional interactive CD ( Python Multimedia Cyber Classroom ) containing hyperlinks, solutions to half the book's exercises and audio walkthroughs of the book's code examples; and e-mail access to the authors at deitel@deitel For information on worldwide Deitel on-site seminars and to subscribe to the Deitel Buzz e-mail newsletter, visit: For information on current and forthcoming Deitel/Prentice Hall publications including How to Program Series books, Multimedia Cyber Classrooms Complete Training Courses (which include DEITEL books and Cyber Classrooms) and Web-Based Training Courses please see the last few pages of this book.

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Muito bom pa quem ta estudando linguagem python  ;D



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Re: ebook - Python - How to Program
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Ja li.. muito bom..

Obrigado por postar overquestood  !!!

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Re:ebook - Python - How to Program
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link off



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Re:ebook - Python - How to Program
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mais um querendo levanta os difuntos  :o
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Re:ebook - Python - How to Program
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[flood] Acho que esse foi o record [/flood]
H4X with axes 8)